Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hmm, in the early morning of this day, I was using the laptop in my dad had forgotten to take it back to his room I had nth to do but to maple and chat wid ppl until sunrise..hehe..den after having a nice proper bath, I resumed my mapling and dota-ing on the desktop, seeing as it was vacant. No surprises there, its 9 am and my mom’s off to work, my sister off the school and my dad has just left the house for work…also, it was the day that I was attending GL’s bbq in east coast park. At 2, my mom came to pick me up to send me to Malaysia customs. It was a ridiculous idea as the original meeting that I had with Daniel kor and Eileen jie is at 6..=.=”. then when I reached Singapore, it was 3 pm..I lingered around the woodlands library.

At 5, I took the mrt to chua cho kang, then alighted to board the was my 1st time riding it lolx..and was pretty exciting. Lol..and I noticed that sometimes, the lrt window would suddenly mist up. It was so think that u cant see anything outside of the lrt window..later, on, when I met up wid Daniel and eileen, they told me that the lrt windows would mist up as the residents in the HDB blocks complained that the people in the lrt could look into the window.. =.=” I wasn’t sure if it was the truth or not, so I my mouth shut lolx.. I was supposed to meet em at 10 mile junction, but due to a complication, I was lost. =X so I waited for them at the phoenix mrt station…after meeting up wid them, we went to find sting ray for the bbq..haha..however, when we entered the shop, the sting ray was no where to be found..hence, no sting ray for bbq…poor Daniel, he was really looking forward to the sting rays =x…we had to go back to Eileen’s house as she had to put her bag at home ( she and Daniel just came back from school.) we took a bus to her house .her house was berii nice..2 floors in an apartment building. Agnes was inside playing gunbound…it was then I heard that wan qi was also coming lolx..after waiting quite awhile, wan qi arrived at eileen’s that time it was 7? 7.30 and the bbq started at 7. we were late and we hurried to go to east cost park ^^ . we reached bbq pit at arnd 9.. GL was already drunk and most of the food was gone,save for hot dogs, crab meats and chicken wings..haha..den we ordered pizza lolx…Eileen and Daniel went to walk walk, so me fion , chris, aN, zhen played the guessing game.. the loser had to forfeit, eating a mix of pizza, ketupat , chilli, bbq sauce and sambal chilli. Haha..aN and the rest thought that it wasn’t tasty…I thought that pizza wid sambal chilli was nice ^^.. den we were getting me and Eileen went to mc café, kinda far from the bbq pit..when we left, GL, Daniel, fion and aN was playing dai di, and loser had to drink a cup of dry gin mixed wid grape soda..lolx..den when me and Eileen went to mc café and got our latte (they’re so bitter w/o syrup) , agnes called Eileen to say that daniel was drunk, so we went back..lolx…haha..we saw Daniel lying on the bench looking dead..^^…den we all chat chat and we tried to make a fire and jay came haha. Den suddenly, Zhen left..cos drakern said he would come back to stay wid her, den 3 o clock liao haven come back >.<. we went macdonald find zhen den cannot find, eileen called her and found out that she went back wid drakern ler =X…haha…agnes and wan qi was hungry and they ordered and ate macdonald breakfast while me and eileen looked at them lol…when we went back, the guys said they wanted to go macdonald , and sit,so we followed em back..lolx..back where we came from..haha..the guys went to macdonald to sleep…when morning came, me Daniel eileen agnes and wan qi went to eileen hse…I picked up my 8 days and went home..lolx….den din slp cos not so tired haha…too much coffee ^^…all in all it was a great day..happy bd GL!

Mapling is fun for us. But not for a monster.
8:34 AM

Thursday, January 26, 2006

hmm...this morning i maple abit and dota...den suddenly remembered my parents haven give me money to go sg..=.="" lol..bbq is at 7 but im going at 2..haha..cos if not i have no transport going from my hse to the malaysia customs...okay, me moms here..gotta go!~

Mapling is fun for us. But not for a monster.
10:14 PM

Today in da early morning adrian called me to go ks. dota..had a bad match z.Z . Den mom picked me up to go to city square to find a job at genki sushi...lolx..den i had to fill up a job application form..alot of stuff was unfamiliar to me so my mom helped me out..nice ppl der..haha..den my dad arrived! we ate der ^^...den tml the manager will call me haha..4 rm an hour lolx...den went home dota awhile..felt better and mapled..haha..^^ my prisy jie jie dotes on me alot wor ^^ lOlx..she really likes me and i like her alot oso gonan end here now..see ya

Mapling is fun for us. But not for a monster.
7:56 AM

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hmm, posting this on my mom's laptop as my sister is using the desktop. lol..also watching american idol..hmm..this friday is GL's bd bbq..look veri forward to it haha ^^

Mapling is fun for us. But not for a monster.
4:17 AM

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

wow..long time since i posted =X...kinda long holiday lolx. learning golf now, can hit the ball more times ^^. tml got instructor coming haha..hope i don do anything wrong..2 more days to zhen's chalet..lolx cant bbq and xbox and dvds..haha ^^...

Mapling is fun for us. But not for a monster.
8:43 AM

Saturday, October 08, 2005

long time no post, since today got reason to of d days are shitty... today we all go celebrate eileen jie bd...den i got up at 7, played maple den i died when i switched to DOTA and afk in maple...nt much loss...den go sg at 830..reach kranji den sit mrt to woodlands..that time 905 le...den i enter causeway point...den sian diao....3/4 shops nt open... den i go but mineral water n 8 days...saw bae yong joon on cover...i decided i purposely let zhen see..she's totally crazy over him for reasons that i do nt understand...den wait for mrt until 10, reach city hall at 1030...still sian so wait arnd..den drakern came 1st..we called daniel, said he's came den daniel and "carebear"( duno his name wor) ...wait wait wait den ltr eileen n zhen came wor..left fionn..den dan called fionn she said she late..den we all decided go 1st...wah, long walk seh...den walk der le see the the guys( xcept me ) needed to withdraw money..den eileen say wanna rob bank lol..boh ..den we took seats outside...the guys came back n den we waited for fionn..when she came...WAH...tall seh...>,< true =".="...den" kiss =".="...den">.< haha... muz b tired..den reach der go see pool...i cant go in wor, we all go see arcade...see liao then the guys wanna play snooker...den suddenly fionn and they all disappeared, left me n zhen n eileen..den wanna go home le go find carebear( he went back to pool) to ask him 4 go inside wait awhile oso cannot...1 more mth den 16 le oso cant..sibei kiam sap saw pierre...WHOA...better 3 of us go sit bus, eileen n zhen go pasir ris, i go yio chew kang...1 hr 40 mins ltr den proceed to make my way home..* best day so far =)*

Mapling is fun for us. But not for a monster.
8:26 AM

Friday, September 02, 2005

hmm..yesterday was friday. school was boring. no englesson, den bio got lesson, also boring.. den pe. raining lol. so we all stay in class n crap around. a maths lesson onli got 1/2 an hour, so its boring n nobody wants to do anything lol.. den after that, we all go pravin house to set up stuff for d party. den go der set up lor.. hmm..1st to come was yun xian. she come, den she say wan help, den sit down n read 8 days = 2nd was Ee Chyang..den 3rd is pavalam, she got lost i think , n vasanth had to collect her from school...hmm..den after that, 1 by 1 all come...den the guys all see pravin's computers lol..den ms jane came at 330. on d dot lol..den all sit n talk n eat, i din eat cuz i got stomachache.. lol...den i left at 410? lol gave ms jane her present..i hope she likes it ^^..den go to cwp, see popular to buy chemistry practical den no physic 1 so i buy handbook lol..den i started my 40 mins trip to bugis to meet dan kor n eileen jie.. lol..go der earli den walk walk, wait wait...den at 620 they came..hehe..den daniel bring me go seoul garden see eileen n beside dan was zhen n drakern(NICE NAME!!) n i think sk, duno whats his full name lol...den got 2 other ppl der sit down n makan lol...waaa...1st hour was meat course so much meat ><..dun feel like eating meat today..den alot of stuff 1 ate d eggs after that, at 9+ i gtg, so daniel bring me back 2 train station..say bye bye den go home..den at krani met Sharon, chat tok etc etc, den the stupid 170 bus that came was going to larkin buses..sian, muz walk to d other side wor..haiz...den i reach home at 1120, lol..check in my 2 cash card..bought 1 hairstyle coupon( random) n he face mask n transparent hat(ALLOWS U TO SHOW OFF UR HAIR WITHOUT LOSING STATS) n den i oso buy black zorro hair style changed to, i wan buy hair colour wor....

Mapling is fun for us. But not for a monster.
5:11 PM

Thursday, September 01, 2005

hie... 1 sept, marks d start of the 8 hr per day Gm went in 3 times, 2 passed 1 100 watermelon and 30 elixer..sian man..u also watched the island..its was so cool..n scarlett johnson is so pretty. i likethe whole, i got 2 de javu..1 while watching d island n while watching i've seen d scene before bt i cant rmb where...i going 2 ms jane's farewell party tml...n den go bugis makan soul garden ^^ cant wait wor..

Mapling is fun for us. But not for a monster.
6:07 AM

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